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  1. Soumik

    Need Review for CS656 - Tian, Jie

    You're welcome!
  2. Soumik

    Need Review for CS656 - Tian, Jie

    You can take Kumar Mani's class.
  3. Soumik

    Need Review for CS656 - Tian, Jie

    Check if you can get Guiling Wang's class.
  4. Soumik


    You are welcome!
  5. Soumik

    Bank account opening

    It varies, but you can divide your I-20 amount by two to get a rough estimate.
  6. Soumik


    You can submit it once the semester starts. No hurry.
  7. Soumik

    Bank account opening

    Yes, if you are an American citizen. No if you want to open an account with your I-20.
  8. Soumik


    It is too early as the college is closed now due to the holidays.
  9. Soumik

    Bank account opening

    You can go to a CHASE branch and open an account. You will need your passport and the I-20. Do keep in mind that when you transfer funds from India, there are several additional fees. 1. 5% tax on all outward remittance (above 7 lacs per year, starting from October 2020) 2. Bank wire transfer...
  10. Soumik

    Everything Computer Science!

    You can select a course that is available during the semester. If you are a new student on F-1 visa, you can check the availability and register for classes in January.
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    Here is the direct link -
  12. Soumik

    New student

    Hi Pavan! Were you able to connect to your classmates?
  13. Soumik

    Is your professor doing good? Are you not happy with your professor? Post your review here.

    Hi Reena! Unfortunately, we do not have anything on that yet. However, if you need any help on course selection, please feel free to let us know.
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    The cost varies and depends on several parameters. You should get the ones available in your country. If something is not available in your country, get it written by the doctor and you can get it done at NJIT for free.
  15. Soumik

    I20 sign

    I assume it's okay if your parents already signed it, shouldn't be an issue.
  16. Soumik

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome Afaq!
  17. Soumik

    Shreeya Pattani

    Welcome everyone!