Bank Statement for Visa Interviews


Staff member
One of the three points that you need to prove during a visa interview is that you have enough funds to cover your entire tuition fee (and still have money to live/spare).

As per legal requirements, a college may issue you an I-20 based on the first year's estimate, but if you fail to show sufficient funding for the entire program (and additional amount to spare), it's hard to convince the visa officer that you satisfy one of the three requirements they are trying to check:

1. If you are a "real" student.
2. If you have enough funds to cover your expenses (if you take a loan, your plans to repay it).
3. If you want to come back to your home country after completing your studies.

If you can convince them on all of the above points, you will get your visa. In general, some people may get convinced easier than others, but if you have positive answers for the above points, you are good.

The More The Better - If you can show that you have more than 2 times the funds mentioned on the I-20, go ahead. You want the experience to be as smooth for you as you can.