Flex Path - Take Classes Online


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NJIT Flex Path - Take Classes Online

Starting from Fall 2020, NJIT started offering Flex Path for students who wanted to start their first semester online but could not come to the US for any reason.

As many international students can not obtain their visas due to COVID, it is a good option for those who didn't want to wait until the next semester.


1. Cost - The cost per Flex Path credit is the same as that of the in-state tuition. In other words, you save around $500 per credit, or around $1500 per subject. If you take 3 subjects during the first semester, you will save around $4500. You will also save on the living expenses (probably around $4000) as you can take classes online from your home.

2. Asynchronous Online - When you choose an asynchronous online class, you can watch the videos at any time of your choice during the month, so you do not have to be online at any specified time of the day.

3. Exams will be online.

Note: If you get an F1 visa and are in the United States, you can not take the Flex Path program.