MS in Computer Science - First Semester Course Selection


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You will have to select a total of 10 subjects (30 credits).

They do not allow you to register for a few subjects during the first semester. For example, "CS610 - Data Structures and Algorithms" is a compulsory core subject that you need to take for a CS master's. However, they advise you not to take it during the first semester since it is difficult and it takes time for students to settle down during the first semester.

Other than that you can take any of the electives, and any other "required" subject like "CS 630 - Operating System Design" and "CS 656 - Internet and High layer Protocols". Personally, I would recommend taking CS630 and CS656 during the first semester. CS656 is relatively easy and is something that every CS student should know.

If you want to add Java to your resume, you can take "CS 602 - Java Programming".

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