Visa Interview Suggestions


Staff member

A few tips for visa interviews:

Answer to the point - nothing less, nothing more. If they ask your name, just answer "ABC XYZ", not "My name is ABC XYZ and my father's name is DEF". No need to frame entire long sentences.

Which College? Just NJIT. No need to frame entire sentences or mention the location of the college. Take it like a normal conversation you have daily. It's not an exam.

Course - Mention whatever course you are taking, do not worry of what is mentioned on the I-20. The visa officers are well versed with everything.

Be natural - don't try to memorize answers. Take it easy and like a normal conversation that you have daily. Be positive and confident (as you would be when you talk daily to your friends).
For example, if you have the unit "lac" in your country/India, just say xx lacs, don't have to convert it to millions or USD. It only proves that you memorized the answers.

Don't take an approach of "cracking an exam". In an exam, you will get full grades when you have the answers right no matter what.
Consider a hypothetical situation where the same person interviews two persons and they provide the exact same answers. One could walk out with a visa while the other could have his/her visa rejected. Your attitude, confidence, and the way of talking do matter. (Did I say multiple times not to take it as an exam that you would "crack"?)
The only thing to memorize would be whatever information you provided while filling up your DS-160 (not others' answers found on social media).