Welcome to NJITCHAT! Introduce yourself to the community!


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Hey Patron!

Welcome to NJITCHAT.com! I appreciate that you have decided to join the community. If you are wondering where to start, introduce yourself to others by creating a new thread in the "Introduce Yourself" section:

You can include your name, areas of interest, hobbies, major, where you stay, and anything that you want to speak of. If you have a few pictures to share, you are welcome to do so.

Feel free to engage in discussions, ask questions, help others, and if you need any help, we are around the corner.

There is a "Share" button at the bottom of every page. You can share the corresponding post/page on Facebook, WhatsApp, or even email the link to someone.

As a promise to all community members, all parts of the website NJITCHAT.com will be completely free, forever. We have moderators closely monitoring all activities (especially the marketplace offers) to ensure that the community remains free of SPAM and other fraudulent activities.